Anti-Virus & Security

Total defense includes all protections against virus, spyware, malware and a powerful firewall.

All devices

Protect all your devices with one software, includes smartphone, laptop, tablet and pc with o limitation.

Households unlimited

One buy for all members of your family living in the same adress, and protecting all thier devices in all in one software.

Your 360 Bonus

As a antivirus 360 visitor, get - 30% discount on cloud backup full edition, link is sent on your email address.
NEW! Cloud Defense Inter-active

Our users database detect all malware around the globe to scan and share informations about latest threat so we increased detection with cloud-based scanning. Cloud Scanning gives the highest level of security with the pattern of your files comparison against a trusted whitelist of selected files online.

Faster scanning

Total Defense 360 Anti-Virus is provided with one of the fastest scanning engines on the market: up to 8x faster than other standard virus scanning system – according to Virus Bulletin’s independent testing. No more waiting while scanning, it s working fast in the background.

Personnal Help Desk

Our customer support is available for free 7/7 and all day long, whatever is your problem, there is no way for us to let you with no help.

NEW! Download Defense

Our scan is automatic, so if any suspicious files are detected you don't need to manually scan to be prevent, the file is waiting for secure test in quarantine.

Non stop Updates

Keeps your computer protected against all new threats by downloading malware protection and feature updates. You don't need to upgrade to a newer edition of the software either; your security is upgraded to the latest release as long as you have an active account.

Real-Time AntiVirus & Anti-Spyware

Prevents viruses, worms, rootkits, Fake AntiVirus, and Trojan horses from infecting your device and protects you from all existing and emerging malware threats.

Reports informations

you can monitor the status of your system with a real-time reports that provide user actions and system alerts. Every month we send a consolidated report of the security you received and the product updates that are available.

Automatic USB Scanner

Any connected hardware like USB or backup device are scan before files transfer for maximum security.

Mobile and all device Security

The unlimited edition protect all your devices with one software; pc computer, laptop, smartphone mobile, tablet ..; and for the users in the address. This is the most complet all in one solution for your home.

PC Tune-Up

Designed to stop slowing down startups, keep your
device operating at top performance, while improving the stability of your engine to keep it running fast like new.
An easy-to-use pannel makes it easy to
understand and maintain your computer.